Ethology of Ethologists

Computer-aided ethology aims to simulate human ethological functions or visual observations and cognitive analysis. As a Ph.D. project , I captured the (X, Y) coordinate* and Surface Area, of 4 mice, during 4 hours, (to a data file), every 40 millisecond (25 data points (images) / second). Each, of the four motion files contains approx. 360,000 records! The problem, as I’ve defined it, is divided into 3 principle components, Input, Data and Behavior Analysis. Input -How to capture the data. Data – How to convert the data to motion and then to behavior Behavior – How to create “knowledge” about behavior, which also entails measuring, evaluating and understanding..

Computer-aided ethology details



The user creates an Experiment record which stores all the essential, information concerning an experiment (ie. Date, Planche Number and the starting and ending number of sessions, Session Duration).

Changing the Session Duration (ie. 480 seconds to 600 seconds) requires creating a new Experiment record


Fish Counter ((Estimation)

There are many approaches. I tried an approach using simple but robust imaging techniques with a database and statistical / probability calculations. The process consists of calibrating a relationship between 3 shades (white, grey and black), with a database containing the extremes and probably number of larvae and the quality of the estimation.  FISH COUNTER LINK