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Numbers & Relations | Michael Spratt

Numbers & Relations

Numbers & Relations

I work with data relations and calculations in environmental, ethology,  business and social applications.




A number, for example 5  is useless without two descriptors (ie nominator and denominator).     For example, 5 –  what?  “Stars” – What? “A hotel”, “A general”, ??

Number and relations are abundant in challenging environmental, ecology, business and social based information systems, for example :     1) Aqueducts and rain fall,     2) Plant adaptation to climate change,     3) aquaculture simulations and economics,    4) fishiers accounting and management,

Current Efforts

–  Simulation of Plant Adaptation to Climate Change  –


Simulation of Aquaculture Production (SAP)


California Aqueduct Resource Accounting CARA


  Environmental Models  – 


Nutrition and Operational Research


Open (data, science, government, etc.)  –


Social Networks –


  Project list