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France’s Center of Family Affairs (CAF) (Family Funding) An oppressive credit predator | Michael Spratt

France’s Center of Family Affairs (CAF) (Family Funding) An oppressive credit predator

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF)
An oppressive credit shark

After my lawyer presented my case before the TASS (TRIBUNAL ADMINISTRATIVE and  SECURITY SOCIAL, MONTPELLIER), I thought of presenting my problem before the “competent authorities” and exposing my situation to the whole world.

And while I wait for the judgment from the TASS, I’ve applied to the public treasurer for more financial aid to help to pay more legal fees, for yet another process that will take an extra year, I thought to take the time, write and publish this …

I have a big bitch against the CAF. I am one of the 45,000 people accused of fraud in 2017 by the CAF. Roughly, an SCI  (property owninfg business) that makes apartments available to its owners. The CAF presumes that all family separations, (in this case in 2001) must also result in the liquidation of all material and property. I have not committed any fraud and vigorously defend my honor in court. In making it case the CAF has used deceptive and underhanded tactics to hide its own incompetence. The CAF changed the accusations several times, modified and probably falsified documents. These tactics are used to defend the CAF’s erroneous and probably illegal actions.

My real problem with CAF is between the accusation and the judgment (which I’m still waiting for), the CAF sent an entire army of administrative agencies  after me. They seized my bank accounts, extracted large and arbitrary sums at random times while increasing my bank charges. They scheduled my bankruptcy, well before the hearing.

Regardless of the judgment, I think the CAF has acted as a credit predator with dubious methods.

Now I will set up Gofundme and Patreon accounts to help me refinance my company and my R & D projects I appreciate all help and support

I work as an independent consultant for environmental information systems and decision support, and I am one of the first to adopt the technology. I have degrees in computer science and environmental sciences in the United States and France. I worked with complex models (animal behavior, virtual organisms, for example), non-linear models (for example, child nutrition, plant adaptation to climate change), linear models (aquaculture production), as well as simulations and statistical analyzes. Almost all of my income came from non-European countries like Switzerland, Monaco and the United States. I do not have to cross the street to find work, I can cross the planet. It is not easy, but helping this planet and our children is worth the personal sacrifice.

Any contribution and best wishes are welcome.


Michael D. Spratt

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