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2019 November | Environmental Services

2019 November

November 2019

Running thoughts as it was a rainy month in France, where umbrellas, over hanging shop stores  and wait and see were common strategies to stay dry  The  news makes me want to run and provide verbal shelter from the constant drizzle of heart damping information.  For example,

All division are arbitrary and if the dollar is the lowest common denominator, then we’re all dead. Michael D. Spratt

Virtually every existing social organization must be transformed through self-organizing voluntary citizen action..

The Fall of the Meritocracy

Death by Oligarchy

Ultra-educated, highly paid, overworked elites are not partners in the struggle to reform an unequal system.

Contract cheating will erode trust in science

Is ‘OK Boomer’ the ‘New N-Word,’ or Are Millennials Still Destroying Everything? 

‘Maybe Rich People Can See the Writing on the Wall’: CEOs Stepping Down at Levels Not Seen Since 2008

repeat the lie and change the truth to keep the ingornant confused.   Joseph Goebbels meets George Orwells 1984.

Societies change their minds faster than people do

CONSENT FACTORY, INC. Manufacturing consent for private and public sector clients for over 250 years

‘Maybe Rich People Can See the Writing on the Wall’: CEOs Stepping Down at Levels Not Seen Since 2008

Why Underachievers Dominate Secret Police Organizations: Evidence from Autocratic Argentina

Harvard and TIAA’s farmland grab in Brazil goes up in smoke

No, Productivity Does Not Explain Income

USDA finalizes location for research agencies in Kansas City

As we peer into society’s future, we – you and I, and our government – must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. –Dwight D. Eisenhower

Indian villages lie empty as drought forces thousands to flee

The Carbon Bomb

Soil in the Arctic Is Now Releasing More Carbon Dioxide Than 189 Countries

Sierra Club Takes A Commendable Turn On Population, Climate Change, And Inequality

This is no surprise

I have an Environmental Science degree from Sacramento State University, Sacramento in 1980.  I I interned and latter worked in the The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) – Environmental Data Center and State Clearing House (1979-1981) where I complied and reviewed current and projected plans, projects and programs concerning Environmental Data in California.  I have some stories…

Why We Didn’t Act on Climate When We Had the Chance

California was warned about climate change 30 years ago. Now it’s feeling the effects

German court dismisses climate change challenge to Merkel

As New York Takes Exxon to Court, Big Oil’s Strategy Against Climate Lawsuits Is Slowly Unveiled

Even worse than negative interest rates, it’s possible to earn income without producing anything. Think about the practice of patent trolling. Patent trolls are people who buy the patent for a product that they neither invented nor produce. These individuals don’t ‘produce’ anything. But they still make money. How? Because they get the government to enforce their property rights. Patent trolls sue (or just threaten to sue) anyone who infringes on their patent. Viola, they earn income without producing anything.

How Tech From Australia Could Prevent California Wildfires and PG&E Blackouts

Trying to Plant a Trillion Trees Won’t Solve Anything

NOAA Is Investigating 70 Gray Whale Deaths Along the West Coast

Drones with Flamethrowers are Now a Thing

Despite outrage over fires, Brazil allows sugar cane farming in Amazon


Does, not put country, the law, truth above neutrally, indefatigable and irrepressible,  integrity in slavish devotion,  self-abasement.

guilt, defending


In the Sandbox

Trump hikes price tag for US forces in Korea almost 400% as Seoul questions alliance

25 millions d’€
C’est l’amende requise par l’AMF contre la banque américaine Morgan Stanley.
Pour manipulation des cours de la dette française.
Petit bras par rapport aux 8.9 milliards de $ d’amendes qu’a dû payer la BNP aux États-Unis en 2015…

> 57
L’article 57 du projet de Loi de Finance 2020.
Il prévoit l’usage de l’IA, l’intelligence artificielle, pour mieux cibler les contrôles fiscaux.
De nouveaux algorithmes “aspireront” et traiteront les données sur les réseaux sociaux.

> 12.4
Forte hausse pour la rémunération des dirigeants du CAC 40.
12.4% en un an.
Et la moyenne atteint un nouveau record : 5.8 millions d’€.
Champion cette année, le patron de Dassault Systèmes avec 33.1 millions d’€, suivent Pinault avec 17.3 millions et …Carlos Ghosn avec 14.3.

No, the U.S. does not need European-style hate speech laws



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