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2019 September | Environmental Services

2019 September

Notes from September 2019

An idea for change starts off as being labeled as stupid, then dangerous and finally obvious.

“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” – Alanis Obomsawin
Go for the low hanging fruits Consume less – It’s virtually impossible to make sensible (environmenal / economic / social) forecasts for only a few months, let alone a ear, decade or century,
What is the cause of  our collective confusion, madness, and desperation, why now?   Perminate expansion, contractions, circular economy?
To avoid the worse we need to suppress the need/use of fossil fuels, now, by removing demand, argo, transport, production.

First, new economics may offer better tools for policy development and analysis – for example the financial crisis.

Second, new economics has the potential to change the way we think of the role of government and policy itself, yielding new ways of designing policies in general.

Third, new economics offers the intriguing possibility of developing new political narratives – this is the least developed aspect of new economics, but perhaps the one with potential for greatest long-term impact.

La démographie, la technologie et la révolution sociétale (environnement, millenials, partage etc etc et donc déconsommation et bientôt décroissance).

This means considerably reorganising the world system, and the United States is the only state in position to make these revisions. Going into 2020, we should be looking for politicians who understand this and frame their climate strategy around the international arena. Climate change is a foreign policy issue. It’s not mainly a question of domestic energy policy, and it’s certainly not a question of lifestyle choices.

Even the phrase “Green New Deal” is little more than an act of discourse–the proposals which have been attached to it so far, both by Elizabeth Warren and by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, amount to little more than domestic infrastructure spending bills marketed with a green veneer. And so all too often it is the people who yell most loudly about our problems who are most thoroughly wasting everybody’s time, because their strategies are more about demonstrating virtue and radical bona fides than they are about confronting the deep underlying issues that make solving these problems so difficult.


Green New Deal

Global Green New Deal.

Low income communties at risk are the 99% not the .1%.

Sustainable development will falter without data

Everyone has a climate plan — which ones get us to a livable future?

A Case For Giving Everyone A Share Of Public Wealth

Disinformation’s spread: bots, trolls and all of us

New Calls For A General Strike In The Face Of Coming Climate Catastrophe!

Go for the low haning fruits

The 9-Percent Lie: Why Are The USDA And EPA Hiding The Fact That Half Of All US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Industrial Food, Farming And Land Use?

A 100% renewable grid isn’t just feasible, it’s in the works in Europe


rays jumping out of the  water

‘Completely Terrifying’: Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event



Counter Pressure

Corporate Gangster: Adani’s Pursuit Of Scientists

100 people responsible for killing the planet.

The lesson from the ruins of Notre Dame: don’t rely on billionaires

Dems Are Repeating GOP’s 2016 Primary-Season Errors Rolling Stone  Democrates would rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders, and this ridiculous field is all about draining votes from Sanders



NASA drone will soar over Saturn’s largest moon

Tiny robot bee powered by light takes flight


least resistant personality profiles.”

As Cost Of Climate Crisis Grows, Climate Movement Escalates

Global Justice Ecology Project (GJEP)



 Ce lundi 29 juillet, toutes les ressources renouvelables de la planète ont été épuisées, ce « jour de dépassement» arrivent chaque année un peu plus tôt;

’Nutrition’ is now a degenerating research paradigm in which scientifically illiterate methods, meaningless data, and consensus-driven censorship dominate the empirical landscape.


Report Slams Proposals To Prolong Capitalism Using Trees And Green Profit Schemes

The North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence 2019


A Proposed Response to the Commercial Surveillance Emergency

phone was hacked using Pegasus, a notorious piece of spyware developed by NSO Group, a cyberwarfare company based in Herzliya, Israel. Pegasus is among some of the most sophisticated spyware available on the market and can infiltrate both iOS and Android devices

Because the Pentagon needs it for munitions and solid fuelled rockets.

EPA finally proposes a perchlorate standard, and it’s way too high

Instruction in nonviolent strategy

Researchers rethink mouse swim tests

Animal-welfare campaigners and scientists have growing concerns about a popular test in which mice or rats are dropped into a tank of water while researchers watch to see how long the animal tries to stay afloat. In theory, a depressed rodent will give up more quickly than a happy one. But mental-health researchers have become increasingly sceptical in recent years about whether the forced-swim test is a good model for depression in people.

Nature | 5 min read

Energy Commons: From Energy Transition To Climate Justice
 students are organizing climate strikes,

Indigenous communities are continuing to resist the destruction of their historic lands,

new movements like

Extinction Rebellion are organizing bold and dynamic actions across the planet, and are working on plans for something big this fall

comrades from Ende Gelande in Germany recently visited to teach us how they mobilized massive direct actions confronting the fossil fuel industry.


Climate justice this fall. Starting on September 20,

the students who have been organizing the weekly climate strikes are launching a major strike and week of actions.


Earth Strike is calling for a general strike demanding immediate climate action from governments and corporations worldwide.  EarthStrike starting on September 27th for four to six weeks of escalated actions before pausing to regroup for another wave of action.

WeRise2020, a widespread network of climate action groups across Europe is planning on mobilizing alongside


The UN Climate Action Summit in New York City starting on September 23 offers an obvious venue for confronting political leaders for their failure to take meaningful action to address the climate crisis.


Ce n’est pas une blague.
Un emprunt de 50 millions de dollars a été émis.
Un emprunt “rhino”.
Les investisseurs ne percevront un intérêt que si la population des rhinocéros noirs dans 5 pays d’Afrique augmente sur les 5 ans qui viennent.
Il n’y a plus que 2300 rhinocéros noirs en Afrique, il y en avait 63 000 dans les années 70.
On pourrait faire ça avec toutes les espèces en voie de disparition, de toutes sortes…