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Another Allocution by the French President (April 7, 2020) | Environmental Services

Another Allocution by the French President (April 7, 2020)

Another Allocution by the French President

(April 7, 2020)

So, we’re at war.  Mr Macron has been at war with the French people ever since he was elected.  He moved fast and furiously to destroy many of France’s social structure since day one.  Not giving the opposition a chance to catch its breath and organize,  while rewarding the rich from the state’s coffers

He was proud to announce all the controls and lower of the French social charges.  Of course at the expense of the weakest member of society.  He kicked the shit out of the Yellow vest protester for a year and tried to cram retirement reform down the throats of the French by decree.

All under the guise of reducing the budget because France was broke.  All of a sudden France has all the money it needs.  The government will pay for everything.  WTF

And if we behave ourselves some of us may get the liberty to go back to work for bull shit salaries and dead-end jobs.  Of course he’s using this “war” to screw us over even more, less liberties, more controls.  Sending more disadvantaged kids back to disadvantages schools.  Protecting off-shore cash hordes and elite sociopaths.

All of a sudden he’s the President of the people.  After all the shit he’s pulled on us  I don’t believe for an instant that he’ll do anything more than try to sugar coat his pretension which it get us back into a no-hope future.  Which will lead us to our real crisis, Climate Change.

Dump the double talk, get serious and face the facts and the future.