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Social Networks


 Synthesize social media management and describing tools and techniques.



The Situation

Do you participate in forms, blogs and on-line discussions for personal or business?

Do you have confidence in forms and discussion groups and their members, comments or articles and blogs?

Do you trust what you read on the Web?

Are you bothered by Trolls, Spam, Moles and Social Media noise?

What is and is not, acceptable use of social media for personal and business purposes?

Should we pro-actively archive and manage social media, collect and preserve?

What can we reasonably collect process and preserve text from social media for monitoring purposes?

Do you want anyone to know if they are being monitored and/or collected from?

What, if any, regulations or mandate are there concerning the monitoring of social media activity of Internauts,  clients, suppliers, employees and litigation if someone disagrees?

The most comprehensive approach to data collection and preservation would combine Scrapers / crawler, API text mining, semantics and ediscovery.

More likely, a variety of collection and preservation techniques are required depending upon case specific circumstances.

I define a “reasonable effort” to collect, process and preserve social media while staying abreast of the the technology,  buzz and with emerging law.

There are a lot of tools for analyzing, reviewing and exploring Social Network data .

 An Overview Social Networks Management

Internauts on the Internet

Other Internautes on The Internet Its important to present a communities values in a way that captures the attention and taps into what matters most to members and observers. What else, satisfaction, new product and service ideas, cost reduction and idea generation for future innovation which leads to development. Success can be found in aligning the on-line community goals and objectives with the overarching goals of any organization. When on line communities works as partners they are able to understand needs and requirements, and subsequently translate them into meaningful features and on-line programs. When communities can speak the language of cooperation they are better positioned to maximize returns (this does not necessary include business, time and money). I ask.. What are the social goals that on-line communities have helped accelerate or made possible in new ways? What are the top 3-5 insights gathered from the on-line communities that we should explore, investigate or consider for future development for the organization? Which social goals were helped by on-line communities and in what way? What is the process of capturing insights and ideas and sharing them reliably and effectively communicated so that they can be acted upon? And, if there is no process, what can on-line communities do to help establish in the neat future? What are the success metrics for communities and who among the members can or should participate in their development?


Online Community Managemen _________________________________________________________________________________

Social Network Analysis



Networks, Crowds and Markets and theories of bounded rationality, cognitive capacity and information overload. These studies, and numerous others, infer that network diversity is associated with performance in part because diverse contacts provide access to novel information. Novel information is thought to be valuable due to its local scarcity. Actors with scarce, novel information in a given network neighborhood are better positioned to broker opportunities, use information as a commodity, or apply information Programs like NetLogo and Gephi are powerful tools for visualizing networks and analyzing relations among members.


Social Network Analysis _________________________________________________________________________________

Network Visualization



This is a working list of tools I’m exploring for presenting data and working in collaboration via an explore. I’m hoping to select the most robust, simplest and open tools and exploit them for my applications and for my clients.


Network Visualization _________________________________________________________________________________

Search Engine Optimisation


When it comes to using search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies get more website traffic — between keyword research, page titles, meta tags, etc. — there are a lot of components to manage. I like Word Tracker (, but you might prefer one of the following:,,


Search Engine Optimization _________________________________________________________________________________

Are you a Blogger, Troll, Mole, Not Sure?  Is your business effected by



  De-Troller (and De-Moler) _________________________________________________________________________________

Text Mining

Is also referred to as text data mining, roughly equivalent to text analytics. The objective is to convert text into data for analysis with applications for natural language processing (NLP) and 0analytical methods. My approach is to scan/scrap documents written in a natural language and either model the document set for predictive classification purposes. The process entails extracting high-quality information from text, which requires patterns and trends recognition via statistical pattern learning.





  Text Mining




Social media is now a mainstream communication tool and people and companies are held accountable for their emails, eDiscovery and uses of social media. While the practice of collecting, processing and preserving social media data is still extremely immature. There are concerns about collection and preservation of content. eDiscovery and associated techniques, combined with the intended (or unintended) use or misuse of any information requires serious consideration. The issues require a holistic strategy. Social media content must be considered within a broader Social strategy


  eDiscovery strategies _________________________________________________________________________________

Sematic Web  objective’s are to allow computer to do more advanced research and eventually “reasoning” using vocabularies and rules to relate and process linked data,   RDF, SPARQL, OWL, and SKOS are current technologies.

Semantic Web is increasingly understood as a single, global information space consisting of interlinked RDF data.



Semantic Web _________________________________________________________________________________