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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is not a one day job. Those who fail to understand this simple factor are actually damaging their business due to frail reputation. Instead of choosing to remove negative comments later, make your online reputation so firm in advance that no bad links can affect your brand image.

It’s easier said than done, since online reputation is quite irrepressible. With internet & social networks, users have enough power in their hands to write, share & express anguish against any brand or person they dislike. So, it’s important to keep a check on such activities taking place online. Doing it manually is not a good idea as you may never be able to judge a trouble at the onset.So, I suggest you to use the tools that ORM companies also rely on very much for keeping tabs on negative mentions.

Here are few tools I found out best after researching many.You can use these tech tools to monitor mentions on social networks, blog comments and anything for that matter on web.


Like other online reputation monitoring tools, Brandseye too keeps a track of brand mentions and conversations on web and notifies you about them whenever they occur. Tracing the conversations in real time helps businesses participate in it and indulge in brand enhancement using marketing techniques.


This tool gives you the freedom to keep an eye on nasty competitors who try to misuse your logo, images or add controversial name to your brand. By uploading your logo, managers’ headshots and other relevant stuff to it, you can actually see where on web these things are used and by whom. This site crawls web on daily basis and keeps your images safe from spiteful minds.


The most interesting feature of this tool is that you get a RepScore which tells the impact your brand leaves over social media users. It allows you to network with other professionals and offers few in-built tools to manage your brand reputation. You can track visitors, make rank comparison with competitors and analyze mentions for a brand from one dashboard. It gives you the power to assess peer & check your social influence.


ReviewTrackers help you monitor reviews on web. Its timely alerts & review dashboard allows you keeping a check on all review sites on web. This tool gives you an account of all reviews left on TripAdvisor, yelp, G+ and other major review sites. You can find various reviews on web using this tool and sort them on the basis of location.

Social Mention

This ORM tool acts like a search engine that scans all social networks (100+) on web and can pull out all mentions about you as well as your competitors. The search can be restricted to blogs, videos or any keyword for that matter. Hence results are more specific and you get detailed information about how a conversation originated and how it is affecting your web presence.


It’s for social media monitoring which helps you know when your brand name is mentioned on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. You don’t need to keep stuck to your FB news feed or twitter updates to track any negative mention. The notifications are sent as and when your business is mentioned somewhere.


Although it’s a keyword suggestion tool primarily but its contribution to present day online reputation management is huge. This tool is useful forseeing the autocomplete options appearing in online search bar. Autocomplete has great role in making first impression of a brand. A negative word gains more attention than regular keywords and has higher chances to lead to bad online image. Ubersuggest tells you about all those variations that are being used as autocomplete options for your business name.

Online Reputation is fragile – Monitor it Continuously to Keep your Business Safe
Do Proactive ORM to avoid future risk
Take Professional Help

Don’t lose the customers who are ready to buy. Take advantage of the top reputation management tools listed above. They give you exact figures, measure results and help making better strategies. Few of them are free and few have paid versions too. So, choose them, as per your business requirements.