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Online Community Management | Environmental Services

Online Community Management








What matters most to a member?

How are members grouped?

What are the trade-off?

Where are the lines that can and can’t be crossed?


What is your agenda?

Better customer satisfaction?

Idea generation for future innovation?

New product and service ideas?

Cost reduction?



What goals can on-line communities help achieve or accelerate or make possible in what (new) ways?

How do you capturing insights and ideas and reliably and effectively disseminate them so other can act?

What insights can on-line communities instigate?

What ideas should be explored, investigated or considered for future product or services for an organization?

How do put communities into perspective for the short term future?


How is success measured, the metrics for communities, their contribution and your goals.

Success is basically aligning the on-line community goals and objectives with your overarching goals.


Never forget that on-line communities thrive on a form of maniacally focus which provides huge value to the members.

Maintain balance between “gives and gets” of community members and your objectives.

Use your personality an asset, we are moving away from the traditional, faceless corporation

Make an extra effort and central focus to grow with purpose, transparency and experience .

Maintain a responsive alert and proactive attitude. Stay abreast and educated there are incredible sophisticated resources and educational sites on the Net.

Beware of SaaS that tells you exactly what content to make, provide creative guidance (topics, colors), post generated content itself based on unsupervised understanding of consumer usage data.The technology coming.

Remember that on-line communities reward unique perspectives, original topics and high-quality writing.

Practice writing as great writing is a huge asset. Relax and try to see your efforts at self-improvement and growth via work, educational and personal relations as easy and fun