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De-Troller (and De-Moler) | Environmental Services

De-Troller (and De-Moler)

Don’t feed the trolls (ignore them).  But they can sneak into a conversation, like a mole and pollute the discourse.

Also watch for Bots, Stuffing, and Stacking Scams these are ways to perpetrate traffic fraud, such as :

  • Clickjacking malware. This kind of malware sends real users to websites they never planned to visit in the first place. Another method is to have bots imitate real users by “clicking” on ads or repeatedly loading a page.
  • iFrame stuffing. iFrame stuffing compresses an ad into a tiny one-by-one pixel size. The ad is served up on a site as a real ad and reported as a view, even though a real user would never be able to view such a tiny ad.
  • Ad stacking. In this type of scam, multiple ads are placed on top of each other in a single ad placement. Only the top ad is in view, but all of the ads are reported as viewed.

Ad fraud detection companies such as Telemetry, Forensiq, White Ops, (recently acquired by Google), and SimilarWeb’s Traffic Guardian

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