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Open Society (data, science, gouvernement, etc.) | Environmental Services

Open Society (data, science, gouvernement, etc.)

Open Society

An Open Society could evolve from current social organizations.

Industrial production costs, thanks to technologies, capitalism and society, are falling to near zero.

While our modern  society contains the leftovers of our ancestral slave/labor and owner/authority cast base social organization.         (under construction)


Modern  society’s allocation and distribution of “units” (money, tasks, rewards, etc)  is a complex, interactive  closed-loop, feedback system with  Social Cast being a major influential factor.

Open Society could permit an optimized distribution of units while converting “free-time” into personal development and “happiness”.

I’m using this section of my site to organize and conform my optimisms.


Open Data

In general “Open Data” is an extensive and expanding subject.  My interests in environmental, social and financial interactions makes this section extremely large and unorganized.  But I intend to “meta” organize and prioritize sites based upon my needs.

Information on the Open Data efforts like

The Open DefinitionOpen StepsOpen Knowledge DirectoryDiscover More 

Plenary debates of the European Parliament as Linked Open Data

My Open Data…..


Create a ‘phone book (profile)

Community Sessions Schedule


Open Maps, Charts, Data Combining Maps, Charts, Data, explores data and visualization tools


An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys — on topics from around the world.,5404632.9582077&zoom=10&baselayer=Basic&edge_flow=299977450969.56433&lrs=SRTM_4_1:SRTM_4_1_flooded_edgeflow,SRTM_4_1:dem,overlay0



Open Financing

Transparent financing could go a long way to advancing society.

Code for America‘s Accelerator.


Global Forest Watch (GFW), a new dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, unites satellite technology, open data, and crowdsourcing,   created by the World Resources Institute (WRI) with over 40 partners. and see the attached “Overview of GFW” document.


In Spain, the ‘Citizens Municipality Observatory’, ‘created a citizen observatories to get the [municipal] budgets under citizens? control.’ Documentation