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GND Justice | Environmental Services

GND Justice

GND Justice

What is justice?

We learn about injustice as a small child.  While we’re weak and dependent and others exploit your frailties.  When we suffer injustice as a child we resent it and spend a lot of our lives trying to rectify injustice.  Injustice is probably societie’s greatest destabilizing force.

Justice, don’t count on it, but less injustice would be nice.

The UBI Already Exists. It Is Just Unevenly Distributed

Giving nature human rights could be the best way to protect the planet

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Global Justice Ecology Project (GJEP)

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Why does environmentalism have a dark side?

The Curse of Moral Purity

the American state will collapse not from military conflict but from moral decay, and every individual who enabled (or made use of) that moral decay is guilty of treason.
those at the top of the American state have no moral compass at all.

My bet is on a moral and financial crisis in which the ruling elites and the federal state lose their legitimacy, i.e. the consent of the governed. As their Federal Reserve “money” loses value and the corruption of the ruling elites and the government they control reaches extremes, the citizenry will no longer heed their corrupt, self-serving “leaders.”

People tend to be healthier when three conditions hold: they are valued and respected by others; they feel ‘in control’ in their work and home lives; and they enjoy a dense network of social contacts.
Local Peace Economy

A lot of talent in various occupations because dream stealers put their kids in a position instead of a more  qualified person. Who then turns to another occupation.