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Global Green New Deal | Environmental Services

Global Green New Deal

Global Green New Deal (See the following links for a running account of Global Green New Deal discussion points. FinanceSea Leave Rise, Justice,  Corruption, Climate Change

We could have started organizing society in the 1970s instead we got conspiracies, stalling, lies, intimidation and untethered greed.

I have an Environmental Science Degree (Sacramento, CA. BA 1980) and computer science related degrees (AA, Master’s and PhD (all but thesis)).   We knew where we were headed back in 1970, over 50 years ago, and with full knowledge our elites and leaders continued a suicidal course.

For me, how do you live for 40 years, knowing what is coming and wanting to prevent it?  What do you do when you learn that the concept of accelerated economic growth ad infinitum is earthly impossible  and recognize the limits of the world’s natural resources, as well as the role of unrestrained greed? What do you think while participating in a slow and gradual change; apprehending the severity of a problem when there is no one clear crisis point or moment of no return?

How do you respond to assumptions of rationality, intellectual rigidity and flagrant individualism?

Some Answers

Thinking long term; prioritize  the future, considerations,  present conditions, imagine different vectors, scenarios, possibilities and limits.
Acting strategically; develop  complex goals, work toward them even when the connection between those means and goals seems remote.working in a coordinated way towards an ideal.  Being selfless; sacrificing our own personal needs and desires to secure the needs of others. Behaving parsimoniously; using less, consuming less, instead of always wanting more.  Our time is short and “individually relatively carbon free:

Global Sociological Evolution

We must take on the FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate), and FAIM (Fashion and Advertisement, Industries, and Military).  Employees in these sectors are going to suffer, (many already are) as we downsize and recycle personnel into Human Service (child raising, education, music, arts, care giving),  R&D, environment and Social Development.

Wise words from Jasper Bernes in Between the Devil and the Green New Deal

“An emancipated society, in which no one can force another into work for reasons of property, could offer joy, meaning, freedom, satisfaction, and even a sort of abundance. We can easily have enough of what matters—”… ‘”Beyond our foundational needs, the most important abundance is an abundance of time, and time is, thankfully, carbon-zero, and even perhaps carbon-negative. ”

Climate Groups Will Shut Down D.C. With Mass Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

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The neoliberal attack on Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal is a clear and present danger

We’ve got several steps :  (see my other links as they contain related document)

Corruption and the secret hand of the “Free Market”

1) Name, shame and shackle 100 people responsible for killing the planetGlobal Justice Ecology Project (GJEP)

Off with their offshore, and heads

As Cost Of Climate Crisis Grows, Climate Movement Escalates

Placebo Solutions

The ones who got us here also want to profit from getting us out.  If they could get us out why haven’t they done it already?

Report Slams Proposals To Prolong Capitalism Using Trees And Green Profit Schemes