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Non-Linear Models

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Infant nutritional requirements, especially with limited resources is a major problem for nutritionists in developing or unstable countries.  By employing operational research with linear programming and database management techniques I provided nutritionists, policy makers, and students with an educational and powerful decision support tool.  IRD used this tool around the world, particularly in Africa, to develop formulas which satisfied infant nutritional requirements. (IRD, Montpellier France).

Nutrition and Operational Research


This application calculates the most inexpensive mix of available foods (resources) which satisfy infant (0 – 24 months) nutritional needs (constraints).  The application uses the “Simplex Algorithm” to calculate the food mix and is written in FoxPro.
As illustrated below, a master “Constraints” file controls the loading of the simplex table.  This file assures that all the “Available foods“, with their nutritional components (Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins, etc) are processes correctly and in accordance with the selected “Objective” record from the Objective file.
The user selects an Available foods group, which could contain hundreds of different foods (i.e. bananas, shrimp, mother’s milk, etc.).   The user must also select an Objective record which contains the established limits for each nutrient.  Utility programs compare these two files and present the data in a variety of formats with necessary calculations so that the user can quickly verify and modify the data.
After execution of the Simplex Algorithm the results are store, manipulated and presented to the user.