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Adapt a Plant The Problem | Environmental Services

Adapt a Plant The Problem

Phenofit represent an enormous investment in scientific research and public money. The investment could be leveraged  to yield greater returns. .  The Phenofit model is a gold mine of data, their relationships and  their calculations
The most important element, with even greater potential, is applied knowledge.  I’m proposing converting Phenofit  into an Open working tools for all humanity.  I have a plan, a road map, a Project.

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Phenofit (was written in Pascal, over a period of 2 decades)

Difficult to understand, enhance and adapt

Impossible to Democratize and evolve.

The Daily Weather data requires re-structuring

Lacks technical documentation, user support and project development potential


The Solution

A 3 step plan :
1)  Create a simulation of Phenofit’s models and calculations in Excel and use it as a working tool.
2) Transport Phenofit Excel  to web technologies (RISK,  GUI, Widgets, etc.)
3 Create an open / on-line community project.


There are several reasons for decomposing Phenofit and scaling it down to an Excel version.

It’s easier to understand thus we can evolve, enhance and adapt it
It easier to structure Phenofit for user control and data manipulation
The outputs are already in Excel and graphics and documentation

Greater potential as it opens Phenofit’s data and calculations to more people