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Adapt a Plant Daily Weather | Environmental Services

Adapt a Plant Daily Weather

Daily Weather provides 10 weather elements from which another 20+ values can be calculate.

  1. Relative humidity at 2 m  (Humidité relative à 2 m) [RH, %]
  2. Medium surface pressure (Pression moyenne au surface) [Press kPa]
  3. Daily precipitation (snow and rain) (Précipitation quotidienne (neige et pluie)) [P, mm]
  4. Daily sum of visible radiation (Somme quotidienne de rayonnement visible) [GLO, MJ/m²]
  5. Daily amount of infrared radiation (Somme quotidienne de rayonnement infra rouge [RAT, MJ/ m²]
  6.  Average specific humidity (Humidité spécifique moyenne) [Q, kg/kg]
  7. Daily minimum temperature at 2 m (Température minimalle quotidienne à 2 m) [TI, ° C]
  8. Average daily temperature at 2 m (Température moyenne quotidienne à 2 m) [T_a, °C]
  9. Daily maximum temperature at 2 m (Température maximalle quotidienne à 2 m) [T_i, °C]
  10. Average wind speed at 10m hight (Vitesse moyenne de vent à 10 m) [Vu, m/s]

Other information

Here is an example of Daily Weather for a Latitude, Longitude, Year, and Day.

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