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Monkeys & Money | Environmental Services

Monkeys & Money

For Mother Nature, we’re still primates!

Darwin’s theory doesn’t cover all the theorems explaining Evolution. Theories such as the whole group must survive, not just the strongest individuals nor the most adaptive.
It is the group which matters.    Our planet is The Group…  I have my theorems concerning Human Evolution and our perceptions of us.

Agnosis or the deliberate propagation of ignorance has doomed many organisms.  Probably not,us,  but what a boring planet without everything else?.

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Our brains process information the same way as junk food, money and drugs

On Exhaustible Resources

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Social Networks (Réseaux sociaux)

Social Network Analysis Social Networks Réseaux sociaux



Open x (data, finance, government, etc.)

Open (data, science, government, etc.)

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