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Evapor-Transportation | Michael Spratt



There are 4 models for calculating the daily Evapo-transpiration , of a plant

1- Thornwaite  –

2- Penman_FAO  –

3- Priestley_Taylor, here too;

4- Penman,

Monthly and Daily Drought and the PET (Estimates of potential evaporation)

are also calculated in this module

Bilan hydrique

Estimation de l’évapotranspiration potentielle (ETP)

Estimation de l’évapotranspiration réelle (ETR)

Estimation de la réserve utile (RU) en mm




Species Definition
Evapotranspiration Model Day Rnl3
albsoil Deltafao Rnl
wind Etmin Rn
albplant Etmax
rsoil Es ETP
LAImax Ea
LAImin P ETPhaut
r0 Gammafao ETPbas
k0 Pi
Cdspring Phi deficitsum
Cdsummer Dr Iamoy
Cdwinter Decli Immoy
Dt Angsol wt
Du Ra1 ETA
PTcoef Ra2 ETP (day_pre)
Thornwaite Ra Pp
Penman_FAQ Rso
Prietley_Taylor Rns
Penman RsSURRso
Drought_Montly steph
Droughtdaily Rnl1
PET Rnl2



Sample of Control sheet