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Sites organized for quick references

Media Links,     Green New Deal Links,      Open X (data, science, government, etc.),

Phenological Plant Adaptation

Web Technlogies Links


Drone Sweet Drone

Tool box …..


ScraperWiki is being used more and more for data problems beyond just scraping, so we’ve renamed it QuickCode.


Web Site Development Tools

Source Code

Codes-sourcesGood place to look for source of a lot of languages

Python libraries

Dedupe is a python library that uses machine learning to create optimum blocking rules and weights for de-duplicating (aka entity resolution or record linkage) any given dataset.


Also, here’s the dedupe python library



PDF Tool Kits

Opensource OCR Service (PDF / TIFF / Scan to Text Conversion Service)

Simple (open) PDF to text service # A nice list of open tools for converting PDF documents to text (html, xml).


Video Editors / Creation

Scripts & Downloads

 File converters