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GND International Politics | Environmental Services

GND International Politics

GND International Politics

Our environmental crisis excedes bounderies (national, contential, global).  Most of the people in power got there based upon the current system.  Most political leaders (except 1 or 3) have no “real” solution to get us moving in the right direction.

But at least we’re discussing the issues in a public forum…

A true party purge: 40% of Republican lawmakers have left Congress since Trump’s inauguration

Nationalism Is an Environmental Disaster   Blind nationalism is the enemy of the environment and the climate, and it’s about much more than a border wall.

Nobody’s Century: Deglobalization and its Discontents

Thinking climate and social policies as one

The End of Super Imperialism?

The Return of the Condottieri? How Military Drones are Changing the World

Huge “Police Lives Matter” Facebook page run from Kosovo, pushed misinformation about U.S. cops 

Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative Now Launched in France


The Scale Of What We’re Up Against

Democrats seize on climate as 2020 primary weapon

Trump Privately Tells Confidants That ‘Socialism’ Won’t Be ‘So Easy’ to Beat in 2020

Empires Are A Secret Until They Start Falling

Space Command projects what it would need in a real world Star Trek

The West Oppressed The Third World For So Long That It Became Third World Itself

Nonviolence Denial Is As Dangerous As Climate Denial

Universal Basic Income + Automation + Plutocracy = Dystopia

Nicolas Sarkozy dézingue Greta Thunberg et Nicolas Hulot à l’université d’été du Medef (VIDEO)

‘Information gerrymandering’ poses a threat to democratic decision making

Can We Work Less and Save the Planet, Too?

Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability

Capitalists for Corbyn

Mugabe’s rule led many people to dismiss the concept of nationalism – but that opened the door to something far worse

Meditations On Twitter’s Silencing Of Daniel McAdams