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Archived Projects

Archived Projects


Nutrition And Operational Research


 Y-maze –  A systems of sensors and software to capture and analyze mouse exploration behavior in “Y” shaped mazes. Mouse exploration patterns reveal neural activity, which in turn indicates promising research directions.


SAP – Simulation of Aquaculture Production a series of three Excel / LOTUS 123 spreadsheets using 2-dimensional tables, biological models, financial, investments, fixed costs, variable costs, salaries and user entered data to predict business results for 5 years.


SUIVI   Automated tools for analyzing animal behavior using machine vision, statistical methods and expert systems.


FISH COUNTER – An image (machine vision)-based fish larvae estimating system for counting larvae during aquaculture production.


AIM  – Aquaculture Information Management and simulation system for aquaculture installations.


ALICOM – Operational research and database management system with built-in linear program (simplex algorithm) to optimize formulas which satisfy infant nutritional requirements.


CARA – Detailed review of The State of California, California Aqueduct Resource Accounting system (CARA) and rainfall simulation system. California Aqueduct Resource Accounting (CARA)


BIO GESTION Aquaculture accounting and management training program (EEC-COMETT) for French, Italian and Greek aquaculture students.


OPR – Technical support for computerizing the processing of Environmental Impact Reports for the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research -State Clearing House and Environmental Data Center.


Experimental Fishing (PIR) – System to manage and analyze experimental fishing data which incorporated a sophisticated menu driven and dynamic SQL program generator for data extraction and advanced statistical and data reporting.



SIDI    (Système Informatique de Données Ichtyologiques) – A series of automated tools for measuring fish in laboratories, experimental fishing, aquaculture and professional fishing environments. Application of electronic calipers, balances and machine vision.


THUNNUS – Data management and reporting system for a joint European project between French and Spanish researchers concerning tuna fishing activities in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


Waste Water Treatment – Consulting services (market studies, evaluate supplier’s proposals, obtain material for data capture, information technology and access information via internet) for a joint project between the Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc and the district of Montpellier to monitor prototype waste water treatment experiments being performed at the district’s waste water treatment plant.


Toxins in Fresh Water Fish AERM – Data analysis and statistical study of pollution and contamination concentrations in fresh water fish.



Old HTML Web Pages

 This page contains links to old stale sitedetailed descriptions of projects.   I only keep them on-line for discussion and educational purposes.

Computer-Aided-Ethology (Thesis)

Simulating Aquaculture Production (Excel simulations and n-dimensional tables)

Nutrition (Operational Research)

Statistic on Pollution in Fresh Water Fish (Data analysis and Statistic)

Fish Counter (using machine vision)

Aquaculture Information Management (Data base and simulation)

Experimental Fishing (Data analysis, SQL n-dimensional tables)

Tuna Fishing (Data base and information management)

Data Acquisition for Fishiers / Aquaculture (video capture, electronic calipers, balances)