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Personal Background | Michael Spratt

Personal Background



A brief description of my personal characteristics,  hobbies and sports.

Who I am...

It depends on your needs and requirements. I am the modern day “Swiss Knife’.


I’m not just another hot shot computer geek. I have evolved in a specialized sector at an international level, performed my own research and developed commercial products. As an independent, I maintain “social/professional” networks and integrate the human, environmental and economic development aspects into all my projects


What I do...

I do what is necessary to accomplish the tasks. I can refine needs, find or develop slick tools and overcome obstinate obstacles….My unique career and education combine with my ideas and the Internet provides me with one of the largest intellectual play grounds known to man. So, is a freelance consultant, of service to you?

poulpe Specializing in advanced information management technologies and environmental sciences, and an American resident in France, Do you require analytical skills, decision making, anticipation, firm proposals, but flexibility and ruse in negotiations?  I’m a self-employed management/information systems consultant.  I work with decision support systems applied to environmental, ecology and business based applications. I also question about what and how we observer, measure and model business processes and natural phenomena and then how to calibrate our models and extrapolate results and adapt to other observations. Do your requirements include knowledge of the world of research and expertise in various fields such as the environment, biology, statistics, computer science … and “business” in an international context? Maybe we should talk…

My Time

My hobbies and are basically, sports, family, and music.

White Lined Sphinx at Fireweed

I’m OK on the clarinet and alto saxophone,  I love being a father and enjoy a lot of sports.

My favorite sports are surfing (when we get waves in the Mediterranean at Palavas)

Surf jan 08 a

or spearfishing (which in France is done holding your breath or apnea, no air tanks).

I’m also a member of a track team MA2M (Montpellier Athetic Méditerranée Métropole.) and have been the regional (Languedoc Roussillon) pole vault champion in the veteran category for the past several years. Here are some videos from my last track and field competition Fevuary 9,2016 2,80 (aprox. 10ft),  2,60 (aprox 9 ft) 2016,

department championship – Jan 13, 2013 2,80m (aprox. 9.5ft) 2013,   3.00m(aprox 10ft) 2013 , 3.20(aprox. 10.5ft, last try) 2013


My running score 2016   2015   2013   2012   2011    2010200920082007200620052004

present_1 a

Add to that weight lifting, tennis, basketball, golf, skiing, and snowboarding, etc…

My Story..

A Little About Me.

I left the USA, June 1984. It was a bittersweet moment — I was going on another bike tour of Europe (France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland). After which, I was planning on staying in Europe for 3 months to 3 years (or 10,000$).The first “bike” tour was 3 years earlier and lasted 6 months, 3 months on the bike, 3 months hitchhiking, train, boat, and bus in 12 countries.

This time I was planning on staying somewhere along the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco, Spain or France were my preferred countries as their languages are used around the world. While Italy and Greece are nice countries, but you only speak the language in and around the country.

At the time, I had grave concerns about how strategic decisions were being made in the USA. Plus, I was no longer seated at the bargaining table and was warned early that “I would never work in this city again” if I maintained my position concerning future environmental degradation and associated affect. This was in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

Having degrees in computer and environmental sciences, I knew the numbers and their eventual consequences on all humanity. Also, working in the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research – Environmental Data Center was an eye opener. I learned how legislative, “environmental associations” and lobbyist argued over commas and periods in proposed legislation.

At the time the Sierra Club was not much older that a glorified home owner’s association in the Lake Tahoe Basin with a lot of political punch. But, no matter what was accomplishment or progress made, the next governor and legislative cycle would decimate the environmental laws in place and re-write new ones. And finally, the oil/auto/ military industrial complex with the media were lying through their teeth about climate change and environmental and economic consequences. I knew it then (1980). We saw the tobacco/cigarette industry do the same. I was disgusted by the willingness to compromise on ethics for profit.

I wasn’t going to aid or abed the system which would cause so much environmental damage. Not to mention a long list of unethical policies and underhanded acts. I had very little trust in the USA and most of the “old” ruling class.

I like the USA. I grew up there and have a lot of memories of all sorts. Growing up in a classic USA middle class life style in the foothills of California, high school math major, voted best athlete got 99/100 SAT score, Pell Grant, university and a problem of conscious.  I am a USA citizen. However, the USA bears the responsibility of being one of the most influential countries in the world, but it has misused its power to put us all in danger

So I took my dreams, ideas, and life to France. I voted with my feet. I worked and lived best I could to off-set the impending problems (bicycling, local farmer’s market, low plastic/carbon footprint, no creams (BHA/DEA/DBP), lots of sports, etc.).

I work freelance with researchers, universities, administration, and business to better manage environmental information and prepare us for the unavoidable. It’s an uphill struggle but there are a lot of technical tools available to aid develop other tools for environmental decisions support.

So, now I have lived (less than) 2/3 of my life and wonder what the next 3rd is going to be like.