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GoFundMe, Patreon | Environmental Services

GoFundMe, Patreon

GoFundMe,  Patreon

I am seeking funds to finance a

  1. Career change at 65 years old
  2. Mitigate France’s administrative overreach
  3. Invest in strategic opportunities


I will use the funds for several projects

  1. Write (articles, essays, editorials) concerning global social and environmental adaptation
  2. Propose my technical expertise and project management (social media, my web site)
  3. Advance R & D projects (Raspbery, Open, Citizen Science,)

Who am I and what do I do?

Hi my name is Michael Spratt I’m American, permanent resident of France I immigrated to France (Montpellier) in 1984, for many reasons: professional, moral, personal, and strategical.

I have an Environmental Science Degree (Sacramento, CA. BA 1980) and computer science related degrees (AA, Master’s and Ph.D. (all but thesis)) from the USA and France.

In the USA ; I worked for The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) – Environmental Data Center and State (Environmental) Clearing House and The California Resources Agency -all dealing with environmental issues and information. (Plus, The Counties of Sacramento and Nevada).

In France, I work, with a large variety of technologies on many different types of environmental research projects, mostly for research, universities and administrations.  I am an independent international consultant for environmental information systems.

I have a web site describing my activities.

I am open to ideas and suggestions