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Michael Spratt & Associates

About This Site

About This Site

My web site for me is like a modern day Swiss Army knife, flexible, efficient, practical and commode.  I have a lot of tools and links for me.

This website is  for :

1 )  My Web presence ( express my opinions, describe current projects and archived)

2) Experimentation (WordPress, PHP,  DataBases, Models,  MySQL, plug-ins, etc).                   .

My site is mainly in English,   Ce lien renvoie vers un résumé de ce site en français.

If you have any comments, feel free to send me an email.

Merci and have fun.

Why Me...

Let me abuse, 5 reasons why you should consider my consulting services.


1)            I am an American resident in France (half my life) with International R & D, Environmental Information and Management experience in the USA, Europe and Africa.


2)            Flexible team member and leader with broad perspectives accustomed to uncertainty with an ability to make critical decisions quickly while considering long-term opportunities.  I am an unconventional thinker who believes in accountability.


3)            Moral Honesty, Commitment – Strong Personal Character


4)            Exterior to the USA and shielded from USA media propaganda and able to question underlying assumptions.  I make extensive use of Internet, media sources, “clickactivisms”, information management tools, social media and network analysis.


5)            Self Employed, Independent professional experience in Socialist (France) and capitalistic (USA) society..

Let me abuse, 5 reasons why you should consider my proposition as a Foreign Policy Adviser.

About Me...

Goodday or Bonjour (en francais),  My Name is Michael Spratt –  American, residence in France –  free-lance Consulting and “Nitch” Project Management predominately Research & Development, Scientific and Business, with working permits in both Europe and the USA. 

Bi-lingual                         English – French ,

Culturally aware –  Communication Wise – Human Oriented – Overall View with a Global Perspective

Who I am...

It depends upon your needs and requirements. I am the modern day “Swiss Knife’.


I’m not just another hot shot computer geek. I have evolved in a specialized sector at an international level, performed my own research and developed commercial products. As an independent I maintain “social/professional” networks and integrate the human, environmental and economic development aspects into all my projects


What I do...

I do what is necessary to accomplish the tasks. I can refine needs, find or develop slick tools and overcome obstinate obstacles….My unique career and education combine with my ideas and Internet provides me with one of the largest intellectual play grounds known to man. So, is a freelance consultant, of service to you?

Specializing in advanced information management technologies and environmental sciences, I do what require analytical skills, decision making, anticipation, firm proposals, but flexibility and ruse in negotiations?I’m a self-employed management/information systems consultant.  I work with decision support systems  applied to environmental, ecology and business based applications. I also questions about what and how we observer, measure and model business processes and natural phenomena and then how to calibrate our models and extrapolate results and adapt to other observations. poulpe


Does your requirements include knowledge of the world of research and expertise in various fields such as the environment, biology, statistics, computer science … and “business” in an international context? Maybe we should talk…

My Time

My hobbies and are basically, sports, family and music.

I’m OK on the clarinet and alto saxophone,  I love being a father and enjoy a lot of sports.

My favorite sports are surfing (when we get waves in the Mediterranean at Palavas)

Surf jan 08 a        present_1 a





or spear fishing (which in France is done holding your breath or anpee, no air tanks).

I’m also a member of a track team MA2M (Montpellier Athetic Méditerranée Métropole.) and have been the regional (Languedoc Roussillon) pole vault champion in the veteran category for the past several year. Here are some videos from my last track and field competition   2,60 (aprox 9 ft) 20162,80 (aprox 10 ft ) 9 feb. 2016

department championship – Jan 13, 2013 2,80m (aprox. 9.5ft) 2013,   3.00m(aprox 10ft) 2013 , 3.20(aprox. 10.5ft, last try) 2013

My running scores   2017  2016   2015   2013   2012   2011    2010200920082007200620052004

Add to that weight lifting, tennis, basketball, golf, skiing and snowboarding, etc…